Mission and Vision

The Vision…

Connecting you to God, connecting you with purpose and connecting you in relationship.

The Mission…

Our Mission is to connect people with the Living God by being fully devoted to Jesus and opening our lives to others: bringing hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless and peace to the peace-less.

Our aim is to connect everyone everywhere with the truth of God’s Word and help individuals develop a personal and real relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is to equip and empower ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. We want to glorify God by showing God’s love and concern for our city and fellow man at every opportunity.

Connect Church is doing this through awesome worship, powerful services, impacting sermons, media, outreach programmes, children’s ministry and more. Our vision is to have a reputation in Galway of a place that helps others – both locally and to the ends of the earth.

The Dream…

The church we dream of:
A sword of excellence: always exciting, vibrant and full of life, glorifying God through awesome worship, powerful services, impacting sermons, media and more.

a church that equips, enables, empowers and releases ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

is relevant to the day we live in and to Galway – God-centred, non-religious, naturally supernatural, family oriented and incredibly fun to be in.

a deeply committed loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken feel accepted and find hope.

both numerically large and spiritually deep – full of godly, confident, victorious and overcoming people, renowned for its Christ-like character.