Connecting to Galway


Galway City is located at the mouth of Galway Bay and is both a picturesque and lively city with a wonderful avant-garde culture and incredibly gifted and creative people who host a fascinating mixture of locally owned speciality shops and a vibrant lifestyle.

Galway, the largest county in Connaught, is celebrated in song and story throughout the world and takes centre stage on Ireland’s western seaboard.  Often called Ireland’s cultural heart, Galway has a rich heritage in distinctively Irish culture: language, music, song and dancing traditions. Nearly 10 percent of the city’s population are Irish speakers (considerably higher than the national average).

Anyone who knows the song ‘Galway Bay’ will be familiar with the Claddagh, previously a fishing village of thatched cottages, now an area just outside the city centre. Here is the birthplace of the world famous Claddagh ring! The city has a deep and ancient history and the evidence of that is clear to see everywhere. Although the city has changed considerably over the last number of years it features many interesting remains of its medieval past.

Galway has experienced very rapid growth in recent years. There is a strong local economy with 47% of the people employed in Galway working in either the commerce or professional sector, with a large number (17%) also employed in manufacturing. Most industry and manufacturing in Galway, like the rest of Ireland, is hi-tech (e.g. ICT, medical equipment, electronics, chemicals, etc.), due to the Celtic Tiger economic boom. Tourism is also of major importance to the city, which has over 2.1 million visitors annually!

Galway, along with the rest of Ireland, is doing it’s best to recover and do well in the current economic times. With 30 percent of the population between the ages of 20 and 35 years and over 50% of the population families with children, Connect Church endeavours to develop a vibrant church that is relevant to the day we live in and to Galway. Our church is God-centred, non-religious, naturally supernatural, family oriented and appealing to the younger generation.

We love our city, it is a place with incredible potential and we believe that God has an awesome plan for the lives of the people here. We are committed to reaching them by building a 21st century church and living our lives as a relevant expression of who God is in our local community.